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Work in Andøy Municipality

Andøy is one of Norways most exciting municipalities, experiencing development at breakneck speeds. Innovative planning combined with a unique location at the northernmost part of Vesterålen has led to billion investments that really put northern Norway on the map.

You could be a part of this adventure!

Have you considered working for Andøy Municipality?

Our technical manager, John-Petter Karlsen, has been granted permission to hire 12 new coworkers.

Will you be one of them?

Browse vacant positions at the bottom of this page!

4 good reasons to work for Andøy Municipality

1. “A NEW MUNICIPALITY”: You can be a part of a large-scale change in development and processes, almost making a brand-new municipality.

2. UNIQUE PROJECTS: Only a very few other places in Norway can you work with satellite bases, whale museums, land-based fish-farming, and a new fishing port.

3. RESPONSIBILITY AND EXPERIENCE: Working in Andøy will quickly provide responsibility and experience you would have to work a long time for anywhere else.

4. EXCELLENT TERMS: Of course, Andøy Municipality will also pay you a competitive wage and be flexible about your employment. We want you to thrive outside work as well!

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“We must become the spearhead for growth and development. That means improving ourselves in every way. Architectural quality in our planning, facilitating deals and permissions for construction, and developing municipal properties becomes extremely important.” says John-Petter.

Interaction and cooperation between branches will also be a critical part of developing Andøy. The Municipality will have to reinvent itself.

This is what we hope will attract fresh faces with the right knowledge and the right skills.

“Unique opportunities and considerable responsibilities can be yours. This is an extraordinary chance for those with a passion for social development, especially considering how much there is to learn and experience underway.”


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