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Andøy is one of Norways most exciting municipalities, experiencing development at breakneck speeds. Innovative planning combined with a unique location at the northernmost part of Vesterålen has led to billion investments that really put northern Norway on the map.

You could be a part of this adventure!

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Photo: Andøya Space

Want to work in Andøy?

Did you know that rural areas often provide more job opportunities than in cities?

Companies here are often small or medium sized, which lets employees take greater responsibility in shaping them. Why not start your career here, in the north?

You can find an overview of vacant positions in Andøy here:

NAV Andøy can assist with experienced guidance counselors. Contact them here:

Wonder what it’s like working in Andøy Municipality? Find out here!

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Are you bringing your job with you to Andøy?

Do you need conference rooms or office space?

Conference rooms:

Offices for rent: Contact Andøy Næringsforening by e-mail:

Apprenticeship and trainee

Do you want to work as an apprentice in Andøy?
We have lots of apprentice positions all over!

Read more about them here:

Looking for a trainee program?
Look North is a one-year trainee program, connecting the nations sharpest, freshly educated minds with some of the most exciting employers in Andøy.

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Temporary or full-time employment?

Andøy frequently needs more teachers, kindergarten employees, and nurses. Send an e-mail to, and remember to mention in what sector you’d like to work.

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Photo: Andøya Space

What are our businesses up to?

Between launching rockets into space, environment-friendly fish farming, world-class tourism and experiences, Andøy has a lot going on with some exciting developments.

Read more about our ongoing projects here:

Do you have any questions about what’s happening in the business and industry sector? Get in touch with Andøy Næringsforening by e-mail:

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Are you a budding entrepreneur?

Vesterålen and Lofoten both have a rich environment for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to tourism and the arts. Are you tempted to try your hand? Every fall, Egga Utvikling offers a course in establishing your own business. If that interests you, contact them here:

Samskap is the municipality’s program for projects that contribute to development and innovation in Andøy. Not sure if you’re eligible for financial support? Read more here:


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