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Mountains, beaches, schools, shops – What would you like to have close?

What is there to do?

Does a cinnamon bun at Alveland or a cafe latte from Arresten sound tempting? There are cafees, stores and many other thrilling opportunities all over Andøy. For an overview, follow the link below:

Many of our stores are completely unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Most of these stores are in Andenes. Look at our overview here:

Picture of church
Photo: Ørjan Hoyd H. Vøllestad

Churchgoing in Andøy

Andøy congregation
The congregations from Andøy, Dverberg and Bjørnskinn were merged in January 2020. You are very welcome to attend church at one of these locations, or to follow us on Facebook.

Andenes Baptist Church
A small, yet active congregation, Andenes Baptist Church has an important role in Andøy Municipality’s religious activities. Service is every other Sunday, along with Sunday school. On weekdays we host conversation clubs and a women’s association. Welcome!


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