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Here you’ll find a list of the different teams and associations that host and run sports-related activities.

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Andøy is the Yoga-island of Vesterålen: a place to let the mind rest and to listen to the heart. Maybe you’re already a yogi, or you’re curious about trying it out? Talk to one of our instructors offering courses suitable for any level of experience. Follow YogaAndøya on Facebook for regular updates and news:

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Andenes is the central administration and the largest town in Andøy. Here’s an overview of the teams and associations you can find in Andenes.

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The village Bleik is known for its charitable spirit, also a characteristic for its sports teams. Høken IL is Bleiks largest football club, hosting activities such as football, golf, skiing, hiking, volleyball, bandy, paintball, badminton, darts, and boccia. Check out the links below for a complete overview of sports teams and associations in Bleik:

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Dverberg has something for everyone. Dverberg Idrettslag, the largest sports association, can offer an exercise room, groups for hiking, athletics, and skiing.

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Smack in the middle is Risøyhamn, a place for development, innovation, and community. Football, swimming, and skiing are among the activities you can expect here.

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On the southernmost end of Andøya is Åse. Here are the perfect conditions for cross-country skiing. Åse hosts a race for children every Sunday from January to easter. If you’re curious about horse-riding, this is the place to learn in a marvelous environment.


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