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Take a look at our favorite opportunities for spending time in Andøys exciting outdoors.


For those interested in hiking, we strongly recommend checking out the top 10 results of “Telltur”, “Vesterålen Turlag”, and “Andøy jeger & fisk”. Telltur can show you 32 routes all over Andøy, while Vesterålen Turlag is familiar and experienced with hiking all over Vesterålen.

Our top 5 mountain climbs are:

1. Børtinden

Our top 5 “flat” hikes are:

1. Revneset

4. Bleikstien

5. Klevannet

Picture of a little boy with a fishing rod lying in the heather and looking out towards a fishing lake

Freshwater fishing

  1. Roksdalsvassdraget
  2. Buksnesvassdraget
  3. Forfjordvassdraget
  4. Nordmela-, Steinsvannet- and Nøssdalsvassdraget
  5. Skogvollvannet
  6. Bleiksvassdraget and Holmevannet
  7. Åsevassdraget
  8. Bjørnskinnvassdraget
Picture of a surfer standing with his surfboard by the sea


The world’s northernmost surfing center, Arctic Aloha, can be found in Andøy. The center is located at the southernmost tip of Andøy, in Åknes. If you’re interested in trying surfing or talking to other surfers – contact Arctic Aloha.


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