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Between Lofoten and Senja

Welcome to Andøy, the north of Vesterålen!

A place where the forces of nature have given us passion and joy for time immemorial.
Surf on the waves striking the shores, balance on the peaks of mountains, and watch the northern lights and midnight sun.

Between satellite launches and innovative fish farming, we offer world-class businesses, focusing on sustainable tourism.

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Looking for work?

Whether you’re a rocket scienstist, nurse, fisherman, or anything in between: We’re certain you’ll find the job of your dreams in Andøy.


Hiking, surfing, football or climbing?

You don’t have to choose just one.

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Photo: Marie Aure

We have the key to high quality living

Who wouldn’t want to take a bubble bath after a long day climbing mountains? Andøy has excellent cafes, restaurants, and self-care opportunities.

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You could be living here!

Mountains, beaches, schools, shops – What would you like to have close?


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